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Posted by The Little Pages - Mar 23, 2015

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Hi Kelly
25-03-2015 12:28:13
I am not sure if you remember me, we met at Funky Frogs. My Son's name is Kellan. He too is on the Autism Spectrum. I would just like to tell you what a beautiful mommy you are. Your article brought me to so many tears... tears of your struggles that I too deal with as a single mom and tears of joy at the milestones you have seen Deegan reach. Kellan is currently now at Victory Kids. I struggled for some time with a school that could deal with his challenges and I am so happy with his current school. They have changed by baby so much and it has only been 2 months that he has been attending. I diagnosed him at the age of 3 years old with the NMMU Physchology Department and ruled out the hearing with an Audiologist test. Thank you for sharing your story, this made my day!!! It changed my life, remembering we aren't alone in this. You are my inspiration today and all my days to come. May Deegan reap all the success and rewards that life has to offer him and may you see your child succeed in every way. Best of luck to your beautiful family and please should you ever like to meet up again herewith my email address below:
26-03-2015 11:42:23
hi hun. yes I do remember you from funky frogs hehe. wow I am so touched that my journey is able to assist you in yours. remember we are not in this alone and we can all make each other lives some what easier just by lending a ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on :) I would love to meet for coffee we can go somewhere where our boys can play not with each other as we all know they amuse themselves but they can play next to each other hehehehe. hope to here from you soon xxx
25-03-2015 14:05:27
Kels, my friend , you are such an incredible mom , friend , sister and wife (don't know how John got so lucky - lol) congrats on the article. Lovely to read.
26-03-2015 11:43:35
thanks my friend those words really do go a long way. hehehe ja hec lucky bugger isn't he
Gaga Whiteford
25-03-2015 15:55:32
Have such a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes reading this article Kelly as we have been on this road with you every step of the way. You have such a wonderful support base in your lovely family and friends who will always be there for you to pick you up when ever you feel that you are about to fall.
26-03-2015 11:45:44
I really am sooooo blessed to have such a awesome support system our family and friends have been amazing and would not be able to cope without each and every one of you. love you millions mom whiteford xxx
25-03-2015 16:42:40
What a lovely article Kelly!! Well Done on being such an AWESOME mommy!! All the best to you, Deegan and John.
26-03-2015 11:47:12
blush!!!! thanks my friend shoo it isn't easy but one day at a time or in our case one situation at a time. look after yourself hunny when you coming to visit :) xxx
Lindy Simpson
25-03-2015 19:00:25
You are such a fantastic mom Kelly. I've seen you with Deegs. He is a lucky little monkey to have you and John as his parents. Lots of love
26-03-2015 11:48:34
aaaah koeks thanks so much. he is one busy lil boy and does keep us on our toes but wouldn't case him for the world!!!! hugs and kisses xxx
26-03-2015 08:43:06
You are an inspiration to us all Kells. What a lovely article and spoken from your heart. So proud of you, John and of course Deegs. Love ya lots xxxx
26-03-2015 11:51:13
(()) beeeeeg hugs shoo you ladies are really making my blush and have made my day knowing that from a outsider point of view that I am doing a good job as a mommy cause we all know we tend to doubt ourselves :) lots of lovexxx
26-03-2015 08:43:41
You are an inspiration to us all Kells. What a lovely article and spoken from your heart. So proud of you, John and of course Deegs. Love ya lots xxxx
26-03-2015 19:37:48
what a heartfelt and honest account of your experience kel. You are most definitely an awesome and very courageous mom xxxx
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