Little Mouse Pre-School

The Foundation of a Brighter Future


A Brazilian and South African owned preschool situated a stone's throw from the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium. We have been in existence from 1994.

What we offer:

• Grade R
• Grade 00
• Grade 000
• Potty training class
• Quarterly educational excursions
• Swimming lessons
• Football lessons
• Balanced daily meals

We concentrate on the the following phases of child development:

Personal, social and emotional development:
Self respect and respect for others, social skills including dressing, undressing and washing, as well as having an enthusiasm for learning.

Language proficiency and literacy:
Developing confidence through speaking, listening and comprehending stories and reading and writing

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy:
Comprehending problem solving through numbers, through stories, songs, games and play.

Knowledge and understanding of the world:
Learning about our surroundings, making sense of the world through small science and nature projects and experiments.

Physical development:
Assisting children in developing hand and eye co-ordination, Free play, climbing the jungle gym and extra mural activities like Swimming and football.By teaching about a healthy diet by offering cooked balanced meals daily.

Creative development:
Developing your child's creativity by means of art, dance and role play.

Contact Details

Phone: 041 484 5613
Address: 25 Milner Avenue, North End, Port Elizabeth, 6001

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