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Happy Honeybees Playschool is based on Christian principles and is aimed at the development of the child as a whole: intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially and above all, spiritually. We teach Biblical principles by means of age – appropriate Bible stories and songs, as well as through circumstances that arise throughout the day. We believe that school, home and church should be working in harmony with each other for the benefit of the child.

Age-appropriate creative activities and art-work are offered. We believe that at this age children learn through play and “incidental” learning takes place i.e. they learn social skills such as acceptance, tolerance, sharing, kindness, etc. through incidents that occur during play; they also learn colours, shapes, counting, numbers, alphabet, phonetics, days of the week, months of the year, etc. through songs, rhymes and activities in our programme. Puzzles and educational games are also important tools of learning at this age. Plenty of outdoor activities and equipment are also offered.

Our staff are nurturing, caring and compassionate ladies who have a passion and love for children and are dedicated to ensuring their holistic well-being.

We accept all children between the ages of 1½ (turning 2 by July) and 3 (turning 4) years of age regardless of their language, race or religion provided that parents are in agreement with the school's Mission Statement and agree to the school's policies and procedures.

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Contact Person: Debbie Wood
Phone: 041 5816529 / 07
Email: honeybees@isat.co.za
Address: 56 Albert Road (between 3rd and 4th Avenue) , Walmer , Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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