Effective Time Out

Posted by Super Granny, Andalene Salvesen - May 5, 2015

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The Munchkins team is headed up by Andalene Salvesen, known as South Africa’s very own Super Granny, a title which she has earned based on her work assisting families to overcome common parenting challenges. Many parents in Port Elizabeth have attended her popular seminar and her visits to the city are always welcomed with warm anticipation as she provides practical tools to assist parents dealing with issues like tantrums, sleeping, eating and discipline problems.

Andalene and the rest of the Munchkins team are also available for home visits, providing coaching to parents in the comfort of their own homes.

The Munchkins team will be providing articles for the Little Pages blog on a variety of parenting topics, and are excited to connect with the parents of Port Elizabeth. You can find out more about Munchkins here: www.munchkins.me

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